ARCH 253:

Streamline Bus Stop:

As a warm up project for our second year studio we were prompted to design a bus stop for the local busline. Beside focusing on simple clean lines and massings, I wanted to perhaps bring some warmth into the shelter. Bozeman is cold for a good portion of the year so I utilized a Trombe Wall to the south and western sides of the shelter. This wall would collect the warmth of the sun and pass it through to the interior. Although this would never enough to actually heat the airspace, customers could lean against the Trombe wall while sitting which would make the wait for the bus somewhat more bearable in the cold winters or cool evening. The column on the North West corner would fuction as a means to not only display bus route information, but to be a means of displaying community events.

Mixed Use Urban Infill in Downtown Bozeman, MT:

This promt was for a mixed use building that would be located in a vacant parking lot located in downtown Bozeman, MT. My focus was to have the living space entirely open, I called it conceptualized living. The mezzanine functioned as the bedroom. The opaque walls surronding the sleeping space were designed to give privacy from any guests on the first floor but to not obsruct the view from above. The dimensions of the sleeping space was derived not only from the space requirements of a bed but the need to enclose spaces below. The bathroom and closet are the only contained spaces within the apartment and are located beneath the mezzanine level. The curtain wall that face into downtown Bozeman was designed to swing open, allowing the occupants to partake of downtown events from the comfort of their apartment. This opening curtain wall reinforces the idea of being unenclosed. A simple wood burning soapstone stove would be the means of providing warm, its gentle crackle and flicking light would be heard throught the space. The first level would be home to a record store, unique in it also functioning as a recording studio. The studio can be viewed into from the store allowing customers to feel closer to the music production and the artists.