Architectural History:

Studying the Flying Buttress

We were asked to study historical building practices for class from a list of possible choices. My partner and I chose to undertake the challenge of the flying buttress. But to make it more of a challenge and to hark true to the historical means of construction we chose to use actual stone bricks without the use of adhesive. We constructed the bricks out of mortar and wooden forms line with oil. We constructed the flying buttress structure as they would have in the past. A temporary structure was made to hold the brick in place until the keystone could be placed. After the keystone was placed the flying buttress stood under its own weitght.

Studying the Pendentive

In the next semster of Arhcitecural History we were again asked pick a historical building practice and to reproduce it. My partner and I challenged ourselves to build a pendentive. Achieving this was a multi-step process. First we bought a half dome of foam from a craft store. We found its quadrants and inscribed a square within it. We then cut off four sides of the dome. From there we covered the dome evenly with clay. Using a template we began cutting out the bricks that we were able to later use to build up a pendentive.

Architectural History Timeline Booklet

At the end of the semester we were asked to turn in a timeline in the form of a booklet. This was my submission